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King's Inner Path Kung-Fu Association
5 Animal 5 Family Style
Sifu Richard Mieir-King
4333 Ostrom Avenue
Lakewood, California 90713-2841 USA
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King's Weapons Racks

Click on thumbnails for larger images. Weapons seen are not included.  Rack available in Red or Black or unfinished.
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We are happy to introduce our handmade weapon racks. Made from solid wood, each rack is hand-crafted and painted (available in red or black or unfinished). These weapons racks were designed with portability and stability in mind. How often have you gone to a tournament or event of some kind and had to lay your weapons in a corner? Why not take these portable weapons racks with you.  The large weapons rack holds seven long weapons or swords, which is two more than the standard long weapons rack in the market today. The rack measures three feet, three inches high (97.5 centimeters) and the base is also three feet three inches wide.   The smaller weapons rack is specially designed to hold your smaller or intermediate sized weapons such as swords, butterfly swords, iron sai's and other such weapons and it's dimensions are  approximately 2 feet 9 inches (33 inches) in height and 2 feet 4inches (28 inches) wide and also has 7 holes for weapons.  NOTE: We can also do custom racks, please consult with us on custom work.  


The top of the rack has a guard bar which holds the weapons in place. Two wooden dowels slide into holes on the top bar to secure the weapons. The guard bar may be completely removed for quick access to weapons, as in the image above.With the guard in place, two people can lift a fully loaded weapons rack and move it across the room.
The top and bottom bars of the rack are held in place by wooden locks which fit into place once the top or bottom bar has been slipped through the vertical legs of the rack. When not in use, the locks are secured to the weapons rack using the golden tassels seen in these images. We unassemble and assemble the rack using this simple locking system in under 30 seconds.
The weapons rack easily breaks down into four pieces. No single piece is longer than three feet three inches, which makes storage and transportation (say in a car trunk) easy. At 3'3", this rack anchors tall, heavy weapons like the tiger fork and can still be used for sword storage. This rack combines the best of a sword storage and long weapons rack. The image to the left is a nice shot of the the anchor holes in the base bar of the weapons rack which keep weapons from shifting in the rack.
Please indulge us for a quick comparison of weapons racks. The first image you see below shows the legs of the weapons rack currently available on the market and found on the majority of the Internet martial arts supply sites:

Market Standard

Now, take a look at the base of our weapons rack:

Our Weapon Rack

As we said, this weapons rack was built with stability in mind. Since the market standard weapons rack was built for five weapons and ours can handle seven, we wanted to make sure the extra weight was not a problem. We did this, not by weighting the base of the rack (which would have been one way to do it), but by adding the support wing pictured at the left.

In short, our school owns several of the market standard weapons racks and they fall short of what we wanted out of a weapons rack. We enhanced the market standard by: 1. Making the rack portable, 2. Making the weapons easily accessible, 3. Making a rack that would hold both swords and long weapons, and 4. Creating a stronger base for the rack.

Now comes the best part. Shop around the Internet martial arts supply sites or stop by a well stocked marital arts supply store; You'll find that the market standard weapons rack sells for around $140. Our weapons rack sells for $190 - BUT - you get a better weapons rack, one that is easily portable if you need it to be, is unique, and available in Red, Black or unfinished - and for very little more! (shipping charges also apply). 


As mentioned above, we now have, by popular demand, a smaller weapons rack designed especially to hold your smaller to intermediate sized weapons such as swords of various kinds, butterfly swords, batons, iron sai's, axes, this rack will even hold a 6 foot staff (it is not made for heavier long weapons though).  This rack, like the larger one, quickly and easily disassembles and is ready to transport and then can be reassembled in a flash.  On the sides of the racks are small hooks which are ideal for holding things such as nunchaku, chain whips or other small weapons.  This rack is a perfect as well as attractive addition to any school to hold smaller weapons or for a home use.  Rack dimensions are approximately 2 feet  9 inches (33 inches) in height and 2 feet 4 inches (28 inches) wide. 
small black racksmall black rack
Here our rack is pictured disassembled in 4 simple pieces, right it is laid flat for easy transportation (pictured in black). 

As with the large weapons rack, we designed this for our own use and convenience so we made it easy to use, study and portable.  If you shop around on the internet, or elsewhere, you will find that there are no small weapons racks like this on the market.  Once again, get ready for the good news -   this rack costs a very affordable $95!  You get an outstanding and unique weapons rack at an outstanding price!  (shipping charges also apply).  

small red rack

New!   Pedestal Weapons Racks

This rack is a unique design of our own and has a solid base for holding heavy weapons.  At the same time it is compact and can be used in areas where you are trying to save space.  Beyond being a space saving rack it is also a very attractive rack.  This rack is capable of holding up to 8 long weapons and has 4 hooks for hanging smaller weapons.  This rack stands 33.5 inches tall and is 12 inches by 12 inches at the base.  The rack is pictured in black, on the right and stained wood on the left - the rack can also be finished in red.  black and red racks are $190, stained and lacquered racks are $199.  

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, etc., please contact us and include the information listed below.  You can order by credit card, money order or check.   We accept orders by e-mail, phone or regular mail.  Thank you for considering our weapons rack.

E-mail us at:

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and include the information below:

If ordering, how many would you like to order?
Please provide the following information so we can give you an approximation on shipping costs. We generally us UPS but can use the USPS at your request.
Any additional comments or suggestions, or questions and, if ordering, indicate if you prefer Red or Black for the color of your weapons rack.


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